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Osh, between fire and sun

Osh is Kyrgyzstan’s second biggest city. During the Silk road period, the city was a major hub. The Mongols smashed it in the 13th century, but Osh recovered and prospered like never before. Its bazar is still the longest of Central Asia.

In 2010, an ethnic conflict between Kyrgyz and Uzbeck (a big minority in Kyrgyzstan) killed some hundreds of people. The remains of fired houses and shops can still be seen in the centre of the city.


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  1. leila

    Dear Valerie,
    how are you and Gerard? we were worried for you because it seemed that you did not update your site for some days. but from the last three posts we were relieved. it is interesting and also strange that some times you change your itinerary.
    hope toy the best,
    L .

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