Friends will be friends !

An adventure like the one we have just achieved would not mean much if it wasn’t for all the beautiful encounters that punctuated our way like colorful little pebbles : Baba, Yavuz and family, Basak, Jack, Jesus, Diako and family, Mohammad and family, Rufia, Maël and Jany, Leila and Hadi, Leila and family on Imam Square, Hossein, Foo, Levent, Mohsen, Amin, Fränzi and Ralf, Wayne, Gerald, Marc and Myriam, Lalmo, Odina, Zafar, Maria, Shanoz and family, Bo, Nurbek and Kalinur, Ran Liping, Trang, Gerry, Jordi and Andrea, Martial and Dany, Aleida and Ariadna, Julie, Maxime and Francine, Paul, Gary, Lida and family, Paul, Tetta, Aimee, Ervan and Ketty, Brice and Lise, Ali, Stefan and all the other we may have forgotten.

We enjoyed sharing this particular moment of our life with you all, meeting new friends or reuniting with old ones as we progressed on our way.  Our paths will cross again, some day.

 It was also a fantastic experience to share our thoughts, moods and pictures with all of you who followed our tracks virtually on intothegreen. Thank you for your kind and supportive messages, it meant a lot to us.

If you would like to continue traveling, keep an eye on our friends’ blogs:


  1. Salut les amis !!!!
    Quel bonheur de découvrir et redécouvrir vos photos !!
    Un grand merci à vous d’avoir partagé cette expérience avec nous !
    Pas trop dur le retour dans le froid?
    Maintenant débute l’après voyage, où l’on redécouvre ses colis postés le long de la route, sa famille et ses amis, mais surtout on revient avec quelque chose d’inexplicable, tellement cette expérience est grande !!

    Gros bisous à vous deux, et mille bonheur pour la suite…
    Et qui sait, à peut être très bientôt !! ;-))

  2. Aimee

    Hey Valerie, welcome home! Those are some amazing pictures of what I am sure was a life changing experience. I am happy our paths crossed and am sure they will again, though maybe in colder weather. Happy holidays and see you in 2012!

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