Into the green

Namibie - Dune 45

Thirsty and footsore, as you walk in the heat of the day
Sudden disasters come out of the sky, out of nowhere
Like a bird whose nest has plummeted out of a tree
To find yourself in peace, go deep into the wilderness.

Kuan Yin, godess of compassion

It just feels like it’s the right moment to step back and take some time off of our busy lives and go and explore the world around us. Our wish is simple: we hope this voyage will help us rediscover the use of our senses, walk towards new lands and feel the sun and the wind on our faces. We will take a closer look at “the green side” of the world and wherever possible try to meet people who are dedicated to the conservation of nature. What we might possibly find out is that in order to take better care of this planet we need to allow wonder and inspiration a greater part in our lives.

This 8-month trip will begin in April 2011 at the gate of Asia, the city of Istanbul, and will carry us across central Asian countries along the legendary silk road. We will then follow the stream of the Mekong River through Laos and Cambodia to finally travel through South-East Asia (probably Indonesia and Philippines).

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